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June 18, 2012

Ashley & Jayme's Proposal Cake

Photos courtesy of John Hook Photography

Jayme, a close friend of mine came to me back in March of 2011 with a super cute and thoughtful proposal idea!  He had seen the Proposal Cake I created at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and wanted to do something similar for his girlfriend Ashley.

He sent us photos of the beautiful engagement ring he had chosen and he wanted it replicated for the cake.  He chose our Yellow Butter Cake with Fresh Strawberry filling, and cupcakes in the same flavor surrounding the cake.  Everything was made out of sugar and we used real Swarovski crystals to decorate the cake.

It wasn’t until December 2011 that the plan was set into motion.  Jayme asked for my help, along with 2 more of our friends to invite Ashley to a girl’s lunch at the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu.  It’s one of Ashley and Jayme’s favorite spots to eat, but not mine so we had to tell her I had a gift certificate that needed to be used so she wouldn’t get suspicious. =P

In the meantime, Jayme organized 30 of their closest friends to be there ahead of time and participate in the whole proposal.  Jayme really went all out and even made a banner reading "Marry Me?" with two boxes to be checked – one said “Yeah” and the other “Heck Yeah”!

We all arrived at the Museum before Ashley so help set up and prep.  Jayme and his 30 friends gathered at the bottom of the grassy landing to wait in position for Ashley to arrive.  Then our friend Nora and I waited in the parking lot to meet Ashley as soon as she parked. 

Finally, after all that prep work, Ashley arrived and it was our job to walk her over to the landing so we could supposedly "check out the view".  All of a sudden, as we walked toward the landing, we were serenaded by violin music and a photographer started snapping pictures.  Ashley looked out and we saw a wave of people, all holding balloons in front of their faces.  As she got closer, the crowd split and everyone released the balloons – and there was Jayme, kneeling on the lawn with ring in hand, with the banner behind him.  Ashley walked up and checked the “Heck Yeah” box.  It was such an amazing moment - there wasn’t a single dry eye in the crowd.

Afterwards we were all treated to a proposal-turned engagement lunch at the museum, complete with supper yummy food, champagne and mimosas.

Congratulations Ashley and Jayme for including us in this special time in your lives, and we can’t wait till the wedding!

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