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April 3, 2012

Cakes with Fresh Flowers

Photo courtesy of Kaua Photography
Cake topper arrangement of white garden roses and ranunculus with green lithianthus and mums

When it comes to decorating a cake, there are many different options available.  Some couples choose a figurine cake topper, sugar or gum paste designs, but topping your cake with flowers is a timeless, beautiful and cost effective way to decorate.  They can be placed in between tiers as elevated lifts to give your cake added height and presentation.  Or your flowers can be arranged as bunches around the tiers for little detailed touches of color.  And of course, as a cascade draping down the whole length of your cake from the top down to your cake table! 

When using fresh flowers it’s important to keep the following in mind:
  1. Go organic whenever possible.  Florists use flowers from all over the world, and many countries do not have pesticide regulations.
  2. If you can’t go organic, have your florists wash the blooms and wrap or use picks on the flowers so they do not touch the cake.
  3. Always be sure to remove the flowers before serving.
Flowers like orchids and roses that have big, bright, colorful blooms and small stems are popular.  Roses and orchids are usually a popular choice for cake florals because they're available in a wide range of colors and sizes are accessible year round.  Other widely used cake flowers are mums, gladiolas and ranunculus.  Be aware that some flowers should not be anywhere near food and can be toxic.  Flowers like lillies have pollen on their stamens and plumerias have a sticky sap from their stems that shouldn't come in contact with food.  If you want to include these flowers on your cake, we will only use sugar flowers. 

Talk to your florist ahead of time as they can suggest flowers and colors to match your overall scheme.  Then upon delivery we will arrange the flowers on your cake.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Robertson
Extra large orange garden roses and light yellow carnationsNotice the wonderful cake table bed of flowers arrangement under the cake stand! Cake table by Passion Roots

Photo courtesy of Heather Kato
Green Cymbidium Orchids flower cascade design
Soft pink and peach Ranunculus flowers.   
Red and Orange Anthuriums and Astromeria flowers
Sunset color scheme floral bunches arrangement.  Roses, orchids and filler flowers.

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