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May 10, 2011

The Groom's Cake

This was a surprise grooms cake of a red Audi convertible.  We handmade a replica of the couple's 2 dogs sitting in the front seat.  The dogs were wearing a black top hat for the groom and a white veil for the bride.  The bride asked us to integrate their special inside joke "MKT PRC" on the front license plate and their wedding date on the other.  All the guests got the inside joke and the groom was stoked to see his surprise cake! 
More often, couples are having two wedding cakes – the traditional cake and a groom’s cake.  As weddings often tend to be “all about the bride” a nice way to honor (or surprise) the groom is with his own personalized cake.

Accounts of the history of how the groom’s cake came-to-be often differ.  Some say the tradition dates all the way back to the 17th century where the cake was originally was a rich, dark, fruit cake made without icing.   Others say it was the top layer of the bride’s cake that was not served to guests, but rather drenched in brandy to preserve for the couple’s first anniversary.  Another story says the groom’s cake was a edible treat packaged individually in decorated boxes, often monogrammed with a couple’s initials and given to guests to take home.

While some wedding traditions have evolved (from groom’s cake to wedding favors, or celebrating the first year of marriage with the top layer of wedding cake) so has the groom’s cake.  It is usually presented at the wedding, and sliced and served just like the traditional cake.

Most often the requests we get are to create a fun “manly” cake reflecting the groom’s hobbies or interests.  They often choose a different flavor from their wedding cake ranging from Red Velvet with Cream Cheese filling to Devils Food Chocolate Cake with Cookies N Cream filling.  This offers guests a nice variety to choose from when it comes to cake.

Some of the most recent groom’s cakes we’ve created are as follows:
Lakers theme Basketball Cake and handmade figurines of the couple in their Lakers jerseys
New Jersey Devils Hockey Puck Grooms Cake
One of our brides sent us this photo which served as the inspiration for the cake to follow: 

Michael Godard  "Shoot the Wad " Print
Grooms Cake inspired by the print
While groom's cakes can be a bit more challenging to create, it definitely brings an air of personalization to a wedding.  People remember details like this, and that's what makes a wedding special!

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