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March 28, 2011

Chloe's Circus

This is the second birthday cake we've made for little Chloe.  Last year she had a super cute Abby Cabby Themed 2nd Birthday you can see HERE.  This year the lucky girl had her very own circus!  Chloe's Circus included a train, merry-go-round, cotton candy machine, face painting, fabulous Tori Burch red shoes and her custom made circus dress!  What more could a girl want?

We created a super colorful and fun cupcake tree.  Each cupcake had its own circus cupcake wrapper and whimsical topper.  The cake topper was finished with handmade sugar bunting flags.  The cupcake flavors were Yellow Butter Cake with Fresh Strawberry Cream filling and Devils Food Chocolate Cake with Cookies N Cream filling.  

Happy Birthday Chloe!!  =)

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