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March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Bessie!

Pictured: (on the left) the Twilight book, (one the right) the Twilight book Cake

My friend Bessie LOVES Twilight!  Until a little while ago, both Bessie and I had never seen the movie or read the books.  So when our friends wanted to go see New Moon, I confessed I hadn't seen the first movie.  They were in shock and demanded we watch the DVD that night.  Bessie and I finally ended up watching the movie and, after that, we were hooked!  A few days later Bessie and I got together with our friends to see New Moon on opening weekend.

When Bessie's birthday came around a few weeks ago, we began discussing cake designs for her special day and settled on a Twilight theme.  For her cake, we created a Twilight book cake to mimic the cover of the first book in the series.  I really wanted to create a realistic replica of the cover without using a computer printed edible image.  And so, I hand painted the hands and apple with LOTS of petal dusts and powdered food coloring which allowed me to achieve the textured and shadowy look.  The painting alone took 2 hours to complete!  I was very happy with the end result and this cake has become one of my favorites!  Bessie's Twilight themed party was held at Tsunamis Bar & Grill and she got to play the movie on all the t.v. screens in the bar!

Happy Birthday to my very good friend Bessie!

Bessie and her husband Matt

You can see Bella from Twilight playing on the TV behind the bar ;0)

 The cake all cut up!

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