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March 14, 2012

Bryson’s 6th Birthday Ninjago Cake

Photos courtesy of Kristin Kato

Bryson’s mom Tammy came to us with a special request for his 6th birthday cake – a Ninjago cake.  For someone who doesn’t have kids we had to do a little research :)  We recorded several episodes of the cartoon and learned that it’s all about Lego people who turn into super hero ninjas and fight crime. 

There are 4 main characters – a blue guy, white guy, black guy and red guy (Bryson’s favorite which we put on top), each with their own special weapon.  We created each character and their weapon out of sugar and molded real Lego pieces out of food-grade silicone.  All in all it took us 10 hours to create the cake and all the detailed parts of it.

For their flavors they chose orange dreamsicle with vanilla cream frosting and strawberry vanilla swirl cake with fresh strawberry cream filling.

Bryon’s mom wrote us a thank you note and said “Everyone, especially Bryson, loved the Ninjago cake!  Bryson loves little action figures and even though I told him that the Ninjago figures on the cake were not toys, he insisted on playing with them after we cut the cake.

Happy Birthday Bryson – we loved creating your birthday cake!

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  1. Wow, these cake is amazing. this really unique and so evenly decorated! Good work.


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